Take Advantage Of Coupons


The cost of shopping, including clothes, supplies and food can quickly add up and put a big dent in your budget. To keep these costs down, take advantage of coupons!

The popularity of online coupons has risen in recent years, reflecting growing use of the Internet and, as economic conditions have worsened, more consumer are seeking ways of REDUCING their weekly bills. Services like ours have increased some 58% and reduces the time and effort required by consumers to locate offers of interest to them.


Technology is fueling shopping behavior like never before. Being a twenty-first century shopper isn't about having a rapport with a retailer or being a thrift store connoisseur; it's about keeping up to date with online coupon advancements, and using all that the Internet has to offer to your advantage, in order to find the best prices.




We specializes in amazing and affordable "Targeted Marketing Campaigns!" 
 Need direct mail? We start by combing fourteen exclusive businesses onto a full color Giant 11" x 15" Postcard which is delivered by the USPS using EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail. It's not folded, stuffed in a news paper or hidden in an envelope. It cradles your daily mail and lies flat when placed on a table. 
 Each ad is 3.250 tall by 5.250 wide. Target Areas are picked according to zip codes and once our mail carrier routes are selected you receive 100% Total Saturation. Every home, business and P.O. Box within the targeted zip codes will receive one.
 You also get an Online Presence that includes a free listing on www.TrueBlueCoupons.com. It is complete with a Printable Coupon, a Google Location Map, and a Link to Your Website. 
 When we post your online ad we also type in key Internet SEO Words to help you get noticed on Google. Then we upload your coupon into fourteen different Coupon Directories. And we also have a Text Messaging option available to go with a Mobile App.
 All this for one low price of $50.00 per 1,000 mailers delivered. If you were to compare just the cost savings on your EDDM Postage, you will find current rates are $183.00 per 1,000. Not including design or printing. So you can actually sign on for six deliveries a year with us for the cost of doing one mailing on your own. Not to mention the awesome internet presence you gain with us.
Don't delay! Start saving and stretch your marketing dollars today!



Learn How to Live on Less Money


Using coupons and saving money can change your life. Once you learn how easy it is to save 100s of dollars each month on food, clothing, oil changes and entertainment, you will wonder why it took you so long to get started couponing.


Learn How to Live on Less Money


Whether you are trying to get out of debt, save money, or you will need to learn how to live on less money, True Blue Coupons is an excellent way for you to save money so that you can live a better life with your family.


There is something about getting your entire family involved in cutting costs that truly makes it easy. If your kids and your spouse know that you want to save money on your bills they will have fun being a part of it. Tell them what you are currently paying, and ask them if they can help you cut it by a certain amount of money. Using your coupons at the right time will help you save the most money and sure, you should get everyone on the coupon bandwagon!